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支持手机设备 支持桌面设备 采用UWP通用平台架构
大小:27 MB
地区: 中国
标签分类:软件 > 实用程序与工具
点评:Torrex是Modern UI是一款能够实现后台下载的BT客户端。
• This version is targeted for Creators Update.
• Added option to turn on app window transparency (aka NEON).
• Added compact overlay mode for image/audio/video viewer (aka Picture in picture).
• Added equalizer to audio player.
• Added languages: Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Estonian, Hindi, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Slovak, Vietnamese, Chinese simplified.
Important update for Desktop Device Family (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets):
• Added option to turn off computer after all downloads have completed.
• Added ability to launch app on system startup.
• Improved downloading in background.
• Now with Creators Update on Xbox One Torrex can download files to an external drive.
• Playback bug on HoloLens was fixed
• UI improvements.
• Fullscreen mode for Xbox One.
• Performance optimization.
• Torrex is a UWP app and is available for all devices using Windows 10 (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Xbox One, Hololens).
• Torrex is now available for Windows 10 Mobile.
• New languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Georgian, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese and Serbian.
• UI improvements.
• Preparation for Xbox One package.
• Background download for Anniversary Update package was improved.
• Option for background download for Anniversary Update package when running on battery was added.
• Home button was added.
• UI improvements.
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Torrex是Modern UI下唯一一款能够实现后台工作和流媒体回放的BT客户端。使用我们的应用你能够下载任何种子和磁力链接,并且不用等到下载结束就可以在内置播放器中开始观看媒体内容。